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I highly recommend the new "news" link There are two really good intellectual conservative radio talk show hosts there. Dennis Prager and Hugh Hewlitt are both "mid" conservatives. Hugh is a law professor on Constitutional law, blogger and political pundit. Dennis Prager (born August 2, 1948) is a Jewish American syndicated radio talk show host, columnist, author, ethicist, and public speaker. He is noted for his conservative political views and for his study of the consequences of secularism in the 20th Century.

Both of these gentlemen will entertain and enlighten you. You can download their audio files of shows by podcasting or downloading a Windows Media file.

Dennis Prager Bio
Hugh Hewitt Bio

Please be aware that Wikipedia can be factually inaccurate.

Vote or Sit Out?

Here is some food for thought on this subject:

"Kamikaze Republicanism
By Wynton Hall

Some unsatisfied Republican voters, especially conservative ones, have threatened to sit out the Republican primary in protest. Indeed, within GOP circles it is not uncommon that one may hear the refrain, "I'd rather have Hillary or Obama win and start fresh than to vote for a RINO (Republican in Name Only) or some half-committed conservative."

Rants of frustration such as these, while understandable, are baseless. More than that, they belie and betray the Republican and conservative arguments regarding the existential battle of our time-the long term threats posed by radical Islamic terrorism. In a time of war, the temptation toward "Kamikaze Republicanism" is both intellectually and ethically bankrupt. Worse, such sentiments stand to pose grave danger to the 2.4 million soldiers, sailors, airmen, and Marines who stand ready to do violence on the nation's behalf so that Americans might live freely.

Republican presidential candidate U.S. Senator John McCain (R-AZ) sings the national anthem during a Republican campaign dinner in St. Petersburg, Florida January 26, 2008. REUTERS/Carlos Barria (UNITED STATES) US PRESIDENTIAL ELECTION CAMPAIGN 2008 (USA)
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VIDEO: McCain Talks Tough on Insurance and FEMA
To argue that there is not a "dime's worth of difference" between a President Hillary Clinton or Barack Obama vs. a President McCain, Romney, or Giuliani negates the entire range of national security arguments waged since September 11th. In one rhetorical swipe of tongue, Kamikaze Republicanism reduces the singular security threat of our age to rubble, for implicit in the argument is the notion that presidential leadership is impotent in effectuating military and geopolitical change. But as the enormously successful "surge" in Iraq continues to demonstrate, the strategic and tactical decisions leaders make affects the direction that events will take. Indeed, to suggest that General Petraeus's leadership and counsel would have been equally followed by a president beholden to and political dependent upon groups who smear and denigrate such a patriot with cries of "General Betraeus" is intellectual laziness in the extreme.

One might respond, "yes, but there are other factors to consider in a president than merely foreign policy credentials and military bona fides." To be sure, the next president of the United States will shape the contours of the Supreme Court, influence the size and shape of government, and guide the nation's moral and spiritual compass. But come November, first and foremost Americans will elect a president to serve his or her Constitutional duty as commander-in-chief.

And that matters-deeply.

Individual liberties and freedoms are only useful insofar as one is alive to exercise them. To put it as Ronald Reagan put it, "Freedom is never more than one generation away from extinction. We didn't pass it to our children in the bloodstream. It must be fought for, protected, and handed on for them to do the same, or one day we will spend our sunset years telling our children and our children's children what it was once like in the United States where men were free."

The threats to our national and economic security posed by another terrorist attack are enormous and the things nightmares are made of. And while it is political en vogue to poke and belittle those responsible for gathering national threat and intelligence data, the "patriots in the shadows"-the ones who do the heavy lifting of history and the difficult work that democratic societies demand-remain painfully aware of the tenuous and paper thin nature of our nation's vulnerability to attack.

And yet, how quickly we forgot. The most dire and painful losses were, of course, human lives. Yet the aftermath sent economic shockwaves rippling as well. Recall that in the three months following the horrors of Sept. 11, the United States lost one million jobs. As would-be JFK Airport terrorist Russell Defreitas explained to one of his co-conspirators last May 2007, were they to succeed in exploding fuel lines running beneath JFK Airport and the rest of the New York City, they could "destroy the economy of America for some time."

And that's the point: in an age of global terrorism, where bombs are detonated with cell phones and buildings taken down by passenger planes, America's national security and her economic security are twinned. And that's why any argument in support of "tossing away" the 2008 presidential election and ceding Republican defeat lacks seriousness.

Republicans and conservatives (as should now be clear, they are not always one and the same) need to do as Ronald Reagan did and settle on a few major goals and stick to them. Presidents are not managers of food buffets-having a little something for everyone ends up satisfying no one. Reagan entered office with two goals: cut taxes and stand down Communism and the former Soviet Union. He achieved both. 2008 is a different time beset with different challenges. Indeed, searching for another Reagan is chasing after the wind.

But the principle remains: make your policy priorities a priority. Had Reagan telegraphed that federal spending would balloon on his watch as he later lamented, or that he would sign an amnesty bill into law, some Republican and conservative voters might have abandoned his candidacy, thereby leaving history to pick up the pieces of yet another four years of Jimmy Carter-induced malaise and failure.

Kamikaze Republicanism threatens the same.

Wynton Hall is a Visiting Fellow at the Hoover Institution at Stanford University and author of "The Right Words: Great Republican Speeches That Shaped History"."

Tuesday, January 29, 2008

Hamilton County Presidential Primary Early Voting

Early voting starts today in Hamilton County
Tuesday, January 15, 2008

By Matt Wilson

Staff Writer

Hamilton County election officials and party leaders said they expect turnout for early voting for the presidential preference primary to be heavier than it was four years ago.

"We feel like it's going to be a lot bigger than 2004," said Charlotte Mullis, Hamilton County deputy elections administrator. "It is a wide-open field (of candidates)."

This year's election marks the first time since 1952 that no incumbent president or vice president has been on the primary ballot.

Ms. Mullis said election officials are expecting 35 percent to 40 percent of the county's voters to cast ballots in the Feb. 5 primary. In the 2004 presidential primary elections about 17 percent voted, she said.

Early voting in this year's presidential primary starts today and lasts until Jan. 31.

Connie Weathers, chairwoman of the Hamilton County Republican Party, said she expects early voting to pick up after South Carolina's Republican primary Saturday. She said the Republican front-runners may be more apparent after that primary.

"I think there'll be a little more clarity," she said.

Ms. Weathers said party faithful are excited.

"I think, having so many candidates, we're certainly generating energy and bringing in new people," she said.

Ms. Mullis said 1,607 new registrations came into the Hamilton County Election Commission between Dec. 1 and Jan. 8. She said that is 400 more registrations than in 2004.

Hamilton County has 186,360 registered voters, she said.

John Bailes, chairman of the Hamilton County Democratic Party, said Democrats will be pushing hard to get people to the polls for early voting.

He said party officials will provide transportation to anyone who wants to vote.

Groups representing several candidates are helping with the effort, Mr. Bailes said.

Hamilton County's primary election and the special election to fill the Chattanooga City Council District 6 seat formerly held by Marti Rutherford also will be on the Feb. 5 primary ballot.

The only county office up for vote in the election is assessor of property, for which assessor Bill Bennett is running unopposed.

Carol Berz, Julie Chamberlain, Melinda Hickey, Rick Igou, Barbara Kelley and Charles Shaw are the six candidates running for the City Council seat.

E-mail Matt Wilson at


Hamilton County Election Commission

700 River Terminal Road, off Amnicola Highway

8 a.m. to 7 p.m. Monday through Friday, 9 a.m. to 7 p.m. Saturday

Brainerd Recreation Center

1010 N. Moore Road

10 a.m. to 7 p.m. Monday through Saturday

Northgate Mall

At adjacent shopping center near TJ Maxx

10 a.m. to 7 p.m. Monday through Saturday

Primary Elections Walker County Georgia

This is from the Walker County Messenger:
Walker County has three new sites for absentee voting

Larry Brooks
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Barbara Berry, Walker County election supervisor Feb. 5 marks the date of this year’s Super Tuesday presidential primary elections. Georgia residents, along with those from Tennessee and Alabama, will join a diversified collection of states across the country to pick their nominees for the 2008 presidential election.

Walker County elections supervisor Barbara Berry said,” We have seen the number of those registering to vote picking up some, but not an overwhelming number coming in.”

Berry said that presidential elections, especially primary elections, do not draw the same number of voters as do local elections.

“We expect to see about 3 percent of registered voters turn out,” Berry said. “I hope this number is incorrect, so we are prepared to accommodate 100 percent of registered voters if necessary.”

According to numbers from the elections office, there are 33,000 registered voters in Walker County eligible to vote in the Feb. 5 presidential primary.

Although the date is now past for those hoping to register for the primary election in Georgia, Berry said that early voting began Monday, with three new satellite locations open in Walker County to serve residents.

In addition to the LaFayette location, there will be locations in Chickamauga, Rossville, and Lookout Mountain for anyone in the county wanting to cast an early vote in the election.

“Anyone across the county can cast early votes at any of these sites,” Berry said.

The LaFayette voting location will be at the usual site inside the courthouse on Duke Street. Chickamauga’s location will be at the Civic Center on Cove Road. Rossville’s voting site will be at the Civic Center on McFarland Road. And, the Lookout Mountain voting cite will be held at City Hall on Lula Lake Road.

Voters must remember that in order to cast their votes either early or during the Feb. 5 primary, they must have some form of a picture ID.

States voting in the Super Tuesday primary elections on Feb. 5: Alabama, Alaska, Arizona, Arkansas, California, Colorado, Connecticut, Delaware, Georgia, Idaho, Illinois, Kansas, Massachusetts, Minnesota, Missouri, Montana, New Jersey, New Mexico, New York, North Dakota, Oklahoma, Tennessee, Utah and West Virginia.

Thursday, January 24, 2008

Keith Hersch Update

Hi all,

Hit 40 on the 13th. They say life begins at 40, which makes me wonder where I have been for the last 39 years.

Basic update on life here.

Weather: cold and occationally snowing.

Work: currently on vacation, teaching for another year at Ansan College of Technology. Classes include Hotel/Restaurant Management English, Business English, and Conversational English classes for professors and staff.

Health: Sick (as always) will have to discuss:
what new urological surgeries and tests will be done this vacation while I have time to recover.
why I keep throwing up what I eat on a regular basis (not intentional for those who know my past)

Education: changed degree program from TESOL (Teaching English as a Second or Other Language) to Christian education.
Switched from University of Birmingham (UK) to Newburgh Seminary
This spring will start PhD in Christian Ed, I hope my focus to be on Puritan concepts of the mentor-disciple relationship

Church: Still going to the Philippine church (Thanks Steve C. and Owen clan for that push)
Becoming an unofficial leader in the church

Will begin preaching in a few weeks (Hope to speak on Biblical worship -Will preach on rare occations, nothing regular.My pastor's birthday present was John Piper's book "Dont Waste Your Life" with the clear understanding, if I don't start my preaching, I am wasting my life :) Never considered preaching as anything I wanted to do, was called to do or even thought about - but 7 years ago, if you told me I was going to teach English at a college in Korea I would have laughed my head off.

Future Plans: Working closely with my pastor and in a couple years will hopefully join him in working in the Philippines teaching at a school for training church leaders.

Prayer Requests: Health issues
Energy to finish my MA and start my PhD
Language studies - have added Tagalog to Korean and Chinese as languages I need to study on a daily basis.

Pray for Our Church: Our church is full of people seeking a Phil. community over a Christian community and new believers that don't know the difference between good theology and goofy theology. Pray for conversions and growth.

Our church leadership - my pastor, Pastor Rolex, will be going back to the Philippines this Feb, and to America for doctoral studies this fall. Brother Koo is our Korean Rep. both are fighting upstream with our main church leadership. I go to a ministry branch of a Presbyterian church which actually has invited Benny Hinn to Korea and things the Toronto Blessing is something to seek.) My pastor, Bro. Koo and I are constantly fighting such goofiness.

Our temp pastor coming in is a "Laughing in the Spirit" supporter. which means Bro. Koo and I will be locking horns constantly with a charismatic pastor.

Pray that a doctrinally sound pastor from the Philippines comes quickly. Pray that somehow he will slip under the radar of those seeking more "open-minded" leaders.

That's it in a nutshell.



And the Lord said, "Who will go for us,
Whom shall we send?" and I said, "Here
am I send me" Isa 6:8

Johan and Stephanie van der Westhuizen Update

November 11, 2007

This past summer saw Johan and I having a long overdue visit to South Africa to reconnect with family. Of course one month is just way too short to do much, but we managed wonderful times with cousins of Johan - some of whom I had never met. We are impressed at the purposeful way so many of them live for the Lord amidst the trials of their present day circumstances. We spent a good amount of time down in the Cape researching our roots - three of Johan's four grandparents are of Huguenot descent, and it was inspiring to learn something of the sacrifice and hardships surrounding these early settlers to South Africa..... a Bible smuggled out in a loaf of bread, and family graves with whole sections just for children who had died as toddlers and young children.

On returning, we are sad that one of my neighbor's and friend who is from Spain whom we had introduced to Jesus and who had become like a sister, has moved away to the south of the city - a family issue. It is a lot harder to meet now, and our dear friend needs a church where she can grow. She is a university professor - very gifted, also works with the WHO and does things like going to Nicaragua to teach pearl divers how to dive safely. She taught at the astronaut university for a long time, and is seeking God now for how He would use her - please remember her in your prayers as she is at a crossroads in her life right now.

Could we ask you to pray for another couple in our lives right now: Helena and Sasha Bogat from the Ukraine - he is a pastor and she a Russian translator - they both have masters degrees - lived in a one roomed house with outside plumbing - that's right, no toilet in their little home. They have a 19 year old son, and so they would let him have the bedroom and they would sleep in the other room. They currently do not have a car, so go everywhere on bicycles - can you imagine that in 90+ degree weather and 100% humidity. At least there are no hills here - small comfort. Her husband Sasha, and her son Igor, are going for English classes offered by a Baptist church here, and ride on their bikes for one and a half hours there and then back again. What commitment. The two of them are praying about getting into a local seminary to study counseling degrees so that they can go back to the Ukraine and work as counselors, because the needs for that kind of service is so great in their home country. Helena works at Third Millennium and is the sole bread-winner at this time as she is the only one who has a work visa. And she doesn't exactly bring in big bucks. IIIM have been very good to them and helped them get set up in an apartment as well as gather some basic furniture from local churches, so they are getting started here.

We are also excited to hear how the Spanish materials from IIIM, are being used. Johan received a letter recently from a missionary in Ecuador who is using the DVD's to train Ecuadorian pastors and leaders. At the same time, Johan is discouraged by the technical obstacles that impede the flow of his production. There is a spiritual battle on to cause delay and discouragement, and prayer is the solution.

Since arriving back I have been shocked at a new phenomenon that is taking hold in the hospital in which I am working. Many of my colleagues - 5 just on my unit that I know of on our day shift, have been taking classes in Reiki, and have begun using it on their patients. For those who don't know, it is a form or eastern healing prayer, with Buddhist roots, that channels universal energy into healing. We know of folk in Chile who were involved in this sort of thing who actually needed deliverance ministry when they came to faith in Christ. I have sensed a damper on the atmosphere in the work environment that is also polarizing relationships.

Stephanie and Johan

Tuesday, January 22, 2008

We may need another MaCarthy

From BreitBart.Com

"WASHINGTON (AP) - A former congressman and delegate to the United Nations was indicted Wednesday as part of a terrorist fundraising ring that allegedly sent more than $130,000 to an al-Qaida and Taliban supporter who has threatened U.S. and international troops in Afghanistan.
The former Republican congressman from Michigan, Mark Deli Siljander, was charged with money laundering, conspiracy and obstructing justice for allegedly lying about lobbying senators on behalf of an Islamic charity that authorities said was secretly sending funds to terrorists.
A 42-count indictment, unsealed in U.S. District Court in Kansas City, Mo., accuses the Islamic American Relief Agency of paying Siljander $50,000 for the lobbying—money that turned out to be stolen from the U.S. Agency for International Development. "

I think what we need is another Joseph MaCarthy. We need to weed out all of the Muslim jihadist that are in this country attempting to make the United States part of the world caliphate. What is really insidious is the main stream news media that are doing there best to hide the truth and generate so much obfuscating noise that the general population is ignorant to the facts.

Now on top of external dangers we have these traitors from within. Will they charge him with been a traitor? I'll bet the farm that they won't. We have become a nation that is guided by wimps. When or where are we going to find someone to stand up and call a traitor a traitor or a Muslim jihadist a terrorist. When are we going to stand up and say....."If Christians can't have prayer in school, neither can Muslims".....If Christians can't have special priviledges for their faith then neither can the Muslims". In fact, why isn't the facts about Islam and Muhammad brought out. Ones that show that it is an intolerant radical religion that seeks to bring sharia law to all nations of the world. A religion that would have all women wear Burqas, not drive (although that is not in the Qu'ran but more a social norm), where all of those who have alternate sexual practices will be rounded up, tried and convicted with a sentence of death. All non-Muslims would be "invited" to become Muslims and those that don't will pay a penalty tax and certainly be discriminated against in every facet of their lives.

This is not hysteria. This past week an analyst from the pentagon was fired because of a report on Islam that he prepared for his boss.
"Bill Gertz, Washington Times national security columnist, reported that the Pentagon has fired Stephen Coughlin, its most knowledgeable specialist on Islamic Law, and jihad terrorism. As Gertz observed aptly, the Pentagon thus ended the career of its most effective analyst attempting to prepare the military to wage ideological war against jihadism.
This past September, 2007, I lectured with Mr. Coughlin, a US Army Reserves Major, at The Naval War College, and witnessed his brilliant, tour de force presentation which elucidated the reliance of contemporary jihadism on Islamic Law. Coughlin demonstrated meticulously that "Jihad fi Sabil Allah"-"Jihad in the cause of Allah," is the animating principle which underlies the threat of global jihad terrorism, and how this understanding should form the basis for rational, effective threat development assessment, and war planning.
That Coughlin's analyses would even be considered "controversial," or worse still lead eventually to his firing-perhaps, as Gertz strongly suggests, at the behest of a Muslim aide, Hesham Islam, within the office of Deputy Defense Secretary Gordon England-is pathognomonic of the intellectual and moral rot plaguing our efforts to combat global jihadism.
There is no evidence that Mr. Islam-distinctly unlike Mr. Coughlin-has any specific expertise on the theory or historical practice of jihad; indeed Gordon England's Egyptian Muslim aide is touted for his public relations skills-a sort of English-speaking Muslim Dragoman to the global Islamic umma."

And that is in our own DEFENSE the rest of the article.......

Tuesday, January 15, 2008

Congressional Pay Raises

Call me crazy but I think pay raises should only be given based on job performance. So how does a Congress with an approval rating in or right at single digits who will be known as the "Post Office" Congress because the majority of their accomplishments was naming Post Offices deserve a pay raise?
Robert B. Bluey wrote a very good article on this for which you can read at .

He is director of the Center for Media & Public Policy at The Heritage Foundation and maintains a blog at

This is the most audaciously blatant form of thievery that I can imagine. When only a tiny number of Congressmen were attempting to bring fiscal responsiblity to bear and the rest, Republican, Indepent and Democrat alike were feeding like like pigs at the public trough. And where is the public outcry? Have we been beaten down to the point that we have lost our courage to stand up and right a wrong?

Folks, this is the day and age where we can get on a computer, go to the internet, type in for the House of Representatives. Then use the zip + 4 boxes to find your Representative.

The Senate is as easy. Type in and select "Senators" button at the top and then "Choose Your State".

When you get to the their respective websites look for the "Contact....." or "Email......" buttons, fill in the required information then write to your hearts content. Be aware that the fewer the words the more your messege will be likely to have the desired affect. The ones that are taken seriously are ones that present your views in a respectful, logical, and calm tone.